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  • Install Apache, mod_perl, HTML::Mason
    Install and test all of them. It's the most important part of installation!

  • make ePortal
        perl Build.PL [home=/opt/ePortal]
        perl Build
        perl Build install

    Here home is home of ePortal where bin, comp_root, samples, images directories will be created and files copied.

     $HOME -- bin
  • Create datastore
    Before you run any of ePortal's utility set some environment variables:


        export EPORTAL_DBI_HOST=localhost
        export EPORTAL_DBI_DATABASE=eportal
        export EPORTAL_DBI_USERNAME=<username>
        export EPORTAL_DBI_PASSWORD=<...>
        export EPORTAL_ADMIN_MODE=1

    WindowsNT: Use Control Panel/System to set system wide variables

    The variable EPORTAL_ADMIN_MODE is used for the first start. Any user connected to ePortal WEB server becomes administrator. You need it to register the very first user to be administrator.

  • crontab
    Install crontab. See samples/crontab as example.

  • logrotate
    Install logrotate script. See samples/logrotate.d/ePortal as expample.

  • httpd.conf
    Modify your httpd.conf file. See samples/httpd-eportal.conf as example. The file httpd.conf is very documented and icludes only ePortal's specific parameters.

  • Browse it
    At the first hit on new site you will be redirected to database creation page. Whenever you install new version of ePortal it will automatically test and upgrade database tables and indexes.

    Point your browser to http://your_server_name/admin/index.htm and setup menu, users and other things.

  • Speed UP
    You may need to set anvironment variable for speed up (see Params::Validate)
     export PERL_NO_VALIDATION=1


Any application of ePortal is installed in the same manner as ePortal itself.

 tar zfxv ePortal-APPNAME.tar.gz
 cd ePortal-APPNAME
 perl Build.PL
 perl Build
 perl Build install

Login to ePortal as administrator and see the home page. A notification about new application will be on the administrator's section of the home page.


Win32 environment is not so comfortable as Unix one. Do installation by your hands. I will point you to some Win32 specific tasks.

  • Unzip and untar distribution archive to c:\ePortal. WinZIP works for it.

  • Download and install
     Apache binaries for Windows
     ActiveState Perl
     MySQL database

    You have to download and install a lot of Perl modules. Look at Build.PL near the lines

        requires       => {
            'CGI'                   => 0,
            ... etc

    Use PPM of ActiveState's Perl to install every module in the list. Some of modules are out of date at ActiveState's repository. Look at http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppmpackages/ for some of them.

  • Set some environment variables. Use Control Panel / System icon to do it.

  • Configure your Apache server. Look at samples/httpd-eportal.conf as example.

  • Start MySQL, Apache and look at http://localhost/index.htm

    Configure it.

  • Run Perl script bin/ePortal-cron.pl every 5 minutes.