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:: Latest news   

  • 06.07.2004 Version 4.9 released

  • 06.07.2004 Version 4.8 released
    ePortal 4.8 is Apache 2 ready. There are some problems with HTML::Mason and redirect still exists.

  • 31.05.2004 ePortal 4.7 released.

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:: About ePortal   

ePortal is a set of perl packages and HTML::Mason components to easy implement intranet WEB site for a company. ePortal is writen with a help of Apache, mod_perl, HTML::Mason. The current version of ePortal use MySQL as database backend.


  • Customizable home page for for each user. Any registered user may construct his home page from a list of available sections.
  • Yahoo like Catalogue of resources. File attachment is possible.
  • Support of applications. There are a number of applications available ready for use.
  • ePortal may run in either Russian or English mode
  • Support for directory browsing
  • Special file folders. A nice calendar is displayed for directories named like YYYY/MM/DD.
  • Access control system
  • Much more. Due to limited support for English version the list of features is truncated. See Russian documentation for more details.

:: Environment   
ePortal is developed and tested with the following:
  • Server: RedHat Linux 7.3, Apache 1.3.x
  • Client: MS Windows 9x/2000, Internet Explorer 5.x