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:: Release 4.90   Release Date: __.09.2004



:: Release 4.9   Release Date: 30.07.2004

Code cleanup. Migration from CVS to Subversion [http://subversion.tigris.org/]

- Fixed: email not sent to admins about CronJob results

- email added


:: Release 4.8   Release Date: 06.07.2004

Diskoteka Application has been removed

- Command line utility to update Catalogue resources

- Fixed bug when new messages are not visible

- Printable view of all users

:: Release 4.7   Release Date: 31.05.2004

- slightly changeg database structure. Recheck it.
- code cleanup and speedup
- New ePortal parameter: session_address_check
- All logs are in database
- Language per user
- last visited resources in Catalogue


- Fixed: Message attachment download

:: Release 4.6   Release Date: 16.04.2004

- new section for home page: HTML text
- fixed bug when '1' displayed instead of English text. Sorry
- fixed Build.PL: Server.pm not found for version

- new section for home page: "My Internet traffic"

- possibility to close a thread
- admin can subscribe any user for a forum
- admin can subscribe e-mail for a forum

:: Release 4.5   Release Date: 23.04.2004

Makefile.PL has been replaced with Build.PL. Please report any errors during install process.

+ ePortal_dbi_source parameter changed to ePortal_dbi_host, ePortal_dbi_database
+ all Applications use the same dbi source as ePortal itself.
- new Resource type in Catalogue
- hidden groups and resources in Catalogue
- fixed bug when "double quoted" text is not saved in text fields
- no need for PerlSetVar MasonEscapeFlags in httpd.conf
- Makefile.PL changed to Build.PL

- old client data not removed after 2 months

:: Release 4.4.1   Release Date: 02.02.2004

Error in empty database creation script.

:: Release 4.4   Release Date: 30.01.2004

I have counted 2 votes for English version of ePortal since Release 4.3.

+ The storage format of home page has been changed. Check setup of every section.
- check for duplicate user name when registering a new user
- fixed Cannot open dir ... when no Applications installed

- fixed bug when a limit is not defined

- compInventory application has been removed as incomplete and unsupported

:: Release 4.3   Release Date: 15.12.2003
This is mainly bugfix release. Many changes in OffPhones application.

WARNING!!! I have no news from English-speaking users of ePortal. If there is no such interest then I will finish that hard dual-language work and will work hardly only on Russian version. Please drop your vote to rusakov_sa@users.sourceforge.net to keep ePortal dual-language.

- added POD manuals in HTML format to documentation module ePortal-docs
- fixed bug with Catalogue items with nicknames in Russian
- fixed: it was possible to create a Catalog item with duplicate nickname

- changed limit to display when searching for commonly used phrase
- once again fixed bug when all subdepartments shown on edit mode turn
- removed phone number Format. Any number formatted with ####-###-##-##
- added health_check procedure for OffPhones.
- change search algorithm to cost based.
- Access Control system corrected
- export a department with subdepartments to text file
- print preview for department with subdepartments (export to html)
- added possibility to add a photo to client

- The time of new messages (posted today) is highlighted.


:: Release 4.2   Release Date: 18.11.2003
Notes: This is mostly bugfix release. User recognition system has been changed. Please review your httpd.conf.
+ removed ePortal::AuthCookieHandler. Modify your httpd.conf
+ default installation target changed from /home/ePortal to /opt/ePortal. Be careful when upgrading old version!
- fixed: IE4 cannot download any file attachment from Catalogue
- fixed: "xacl_check ..." when creating new section for home page
- removed references to ePortal.pl from documentation as expired
- fixed: /catalog/mostpopular.htm not found

:: Release 4.1   Release Date: 23.10.2003
Notes: Catalogue system has been rewrited. Added possibility to store large files, HTML & text resources, attach any number of files to resource.
+ Attachment storage hash been rewrited. All site specific attachments of unlimited size are stored in database.
- Extended Catalogue
- Added more log information about user login process flow

- Fixed bug whean creating new forums.
- Fixed bug when one try to subscribe already subscribed forum


:: Release 4.0   Release Date: 24.09.2003
Notes: This major release should be concerned to development only. Not so many new features, mostly internal code upgrade...

- fixed bug introduced in 3.91 (Application package not loaded)
- any periodic job may be forced to run manually
- added parameter JobServer for periodic jobs. Job execution may be distributed across many servers.
- added LDAP synchronization job.
- ability to merge groups of users